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Save Money When Using A Removals Company

Advice from professional removalists!

Overview: How to save money when using a removals company

In order to save money when moving, start with reducing the load by selling any items you no longer want. If you are being charged hourly, move all of the boxes to the ground floor. Also consider moving small items yourself and doing your own furniture dismantling/constructing. The less the removalists have to do, the cheaper the cost.

Are you over-spending?

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The answer to our question “are you over spending?” isn’t likely to be a yes or no. You can always reduce the cost of moving if you put in the effort. 1800 Removals have quoted on and moved thousands of homes, so we know what goes into getting the best price possible. Long story short, if the removals company needs to do more work, they will cost more.

This concept is pretty simple, but a lot of people think the solution is to fully load up their car and drive a few trips between the new and old home. But, what if the distance between your new and old home is too far for you to take this approach? There are much better ways to save money when using a removals company. Here are some ways we recommend.

1. Sell unwanted furniture

Selling unwanted furniture kills two birds with one stone. First off;
It gives you a more flexible budget to work with.
The market for buying second hand furniture online is so active and profitable now that Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Marketplace have matured. We recommend starting with Facebook Marketplace when looking into selling your items.

If you are successful with your selling, then you’ll be in a prime position. This is because;
Having fewer items to move will reduce your quote.
Removals companies often quote based on how many cubic metres you are moving. Selling a couch alongside that old outdoor seating area you might have can make a huge difference to the quote. Plus, if your removals job is being charged hourly, there will be less to move.

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Bonus thought

Can’t find anything you need to sell? Change the way you are looking at the situation. This is a perfect opportunity to re-style your living environment. Sell a bunch of furniture to get your removals price down then re-furnish your new home with this seasons latest furniture trends.

Check out our Selling Second-hand Furniture Online article to get the most out of your online listings!

2. Pack and dismantle yourself

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Ready to get your hands dirty?

Dig out those peculiar allen keys, purchase some packing tape and fold out those moving boxes you have in storage. Don’t have any moving boxes? We can provide moving boxes at a competitive rate if you combine it with our moving service. Other option include Bunnings, Officeworks, The Moving Box Company. Remember to label your boxes!

Dismantling your beds, desks and tables is also going to save a huge amount of time. Make sure to put the screws and any other connection pieces in a bag. Grab some packing tape and stick the bag to something like a bed slat. Another option is to put all of the screws and connections in a labelled box. 

3. Have your items on the ground level

Once you have dismantled and packed all of your belongings up, it’s time to move what you can to the ground floor. The garage is a perfect space to have your boxes ready for when the removals company arrives.

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You also have the option of moving your furniture to the ground level as well, but you must be careful. We highly recommend not risking your physical health by moving heavy or awkward items down stairs. Removalists are trained professionals that do these jobs on a daily basis. 

These rules can also be applied on delivery as well. Instead of having the team move each box into the specific room it belongs in, have them unload the truck to a room on ground floor.  Although these are options, just remember that our removalists will do a quick and professional job of what you ask them.

4. Book in advance

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We get this one a lot.

You already booked a removalist, but it was one of those small and cheap business that only have one or two trucks. Within a day or two of the job (or sometimes even on the day!), they cancel and you’re left with the task of phoning up every removalist to see if they’re available. There might be a few companies available, but they’ll be at an inflated rate due to last minute logistics planning. 

Do yourself a huge favour and book a professional removalist in advance. To keep your plans safe, book your move at least 2 weeks before the move date.

5. Move during the week

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The convenience of moving on the weekend can out-weigh the increase of cost, so consider what will work best for you. None-the-less moving during the week will be cheaper. On weekends, workers are paid a higher rate, so the cost is passed onto customers. It’s that simple. 

Consider taking leave off work or talk to your removalist about moving you whilst you’re away from home. With the correct procedures and an inventory list, this is absolutely a possibility.

6. Consider moving closer

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Our last main topic that affects the price of a removalist is distance. Of course you can’t change the location of a place you have already signed or purchased, but if you haven’t, this is something to think about. Due to the size of Australia, the difference between a few towns can end up being over $1000 in moving costs. 

Need a re-cap?

Here is how to save money on removals company costs:

  • Sell unwanted furniture in order to get your move load as small as possible
  • Pack your own boxes and dismantle your own furniture
  • Move your items to ground floor in order to create less work for the removals team
  • Book in advance and make sure you have a quality removalist
  • Move during the week unless the weekend is your oonly option
  • Think about moving closer

We hope that if you follow all of these steps you will have a smoother moving experience. Did we miss anything that has made your move cheaper? We would be happy to hear from you! We are always open to new blog ideas. Happy moving!

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