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Moving to or from Queensland?

Because we are based, but not exclusive to Queensland, we know the area like the back of our hands. This means we have refined route options that ensure your delivery has no unwanted delays.

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Looking for a competitively priced removalist?

1800 removals isn't the largest company, so that makes us all the more competitive. We will do what we can to work out a price that suits you.

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Do you have a medium-large sized move?

Because of the company size, our methods are optimised for medium to large moves. This means if you have a family, company, or office, you will get yourself a good deal.

Make your move to or from Queensland easy.

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*PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide interstate moves to SA or NT.

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Why do we ask these questions? Locations, date and load size can have make a dramatic difference to you quote.

More information in your quote form will lead to a more accurate quote!

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Our competitive QLD removalist quotes rival the largest movers in our country!

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"Matt & Scott arrived on time and were friendly from the minute I met them, they introduced themselves to everybody who was there the second they got out of the truck, they were very proffesional with their work and super quick, I would highly reccomend these men to anybody looking for a removalist."