Tips for Moving a Small Apartment to a House


Moving a small apartment can be a big job.

Moving a small apartment to a house is a good feeling. It symbolises growth and shows you are moving up in the world. It marks a new chapter in life and sets you up for an entirely new future – potentially with kids, a garden and tons of new space to enjoy. It’s exciting, but at the same time, it can be overwhelming.

When moving a small apartment that you have been living in for some time, you will have gotten used to everything being taken care of for you. If there was a problem with the plumbing, the maintenance man could be there in a flash. If cockroaches started appearing, a pest controller would soon be on his way. If a smoke alarm battery beeped, the battery would soon be changed. Now, unfortunately, it’s all up to you. Moving a small apartment can be a big job.

Not only does a larger property mean a bigger outlay, a house comes with a range of costs that an apartment may escape. Bills such as water, council rates and home insurance can be costly and must be considered when moving a small apartment and creating a budget. You will need to have money aside for general maintenance such as repairs and lawn care. The home might require some upgrades, which can be expensive.

The good news is, there is no reason to fear a move to a house. As long as you’ve factored in the costs associated with a house, the rest of it is fun and invigorating. Here are some things to get excited about:

Fill your new home with furnishings

The extra space in your new home means you will need to buy new furnishings to fill it. Set aside 40 percent of your disposable income towards decor and furnishings and try to invest in pieces you really love. If you don’t quite have the budget, settle for just one quality piece for each room and find alternate ways to bulk up the rest of the decor. You might like to try to:

  • Buy second hand from furniture stores or sites like
  • Ask friends and family if they have spare items they no longer need
  • Recover an old sofa to give it a fresh, new look
  • Beautify with accessories such as cushions
  • Give worn pieces a lick of paint
  • Ask for deals if buying multiple items
  • Wait for sales like those at the End of Financial Year or on Boxing Day
  • Consider laying a large jute rug and layering a smaller, more expensive rug on top
  • Consider a home starter kit. Some stores offer complete packs that are much cheaper than buying individual items. Try Freedom Furniture

Throw yourself into the world of styling

Sites such as Pinterest allow you to create boards from inspirational design ideas, and blogs offer tons of advice for jazzing up old or tired decor. From the moment you know you are moving to a house, start researching ideas for styling so that you can make sure you stick to a running theme throughout the house rather than picking up pieces from very different styles as you see them.

Inject your personality

One of the first things you can do when moving into your new house is to play around with colour. A bold colour can inject life into a room and instantly make you feel at home. If you don’t want to paint an entire room, consider creating a feature wall instead, or providing splashes of colour with details like cushions.

Stock your kitchen

Chances are your apartment came with a relatively small kitchen, so you could now find yourself with extra space for the appliances you’ve always wanted. Don’t rush out and buy everything straight away. Instead, get a feel for your kitchen and only buy what you really need.

Enjoy a garden

When moving a small apartment to a house, one of the biggest perks is the chance to enjoy some outdoor space. The only negative is that it is something else you must maintain and buying outdoor furniture can be expensive. When having to start from scratch, a good idea is to make a list of items in order of priority. Things such as a lawn mower and an outdoor table should be at the top and items such as plants and a barbecue can be purchased when you can afford it. A good place to shop is Bunnings Warehouse

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