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How To Sell Second-Hand Furniture Online

Overview: How To Sell Second-Hand Furniture Online

First list your furniture on Facebook Marketplace. If the item will be difficult to sell, list it on eBay and Gumtree as well. In order to maximise your price, clean the item before taking several photos in good lighting. Finally, remember to write a detailed description.

Read our step by step selling process

The options are normally (1) to sell second-hand furniture or (2) dump second-hand furniture. Selling items reduces the amount of space taken up in landfills and it puts cash in your pocket!

The reasons for selling pieces of furniture are very broad. You could be:

  • Updating your home style
  • Looking for extra cash
  • Moving and getting rid of unwanted furniture
  • Making space for new family members, etc.

Whatever your reason is, how do you actually sell this stuff? You do it online.

Selling second-hand furniture online used to be a straight-forward process. You would upload a photo and a description to Gumtree or eBay and then someone would purchase. Easy right? The good news is, it still is easy! The other news is you may be losing potential money with this out-dated method.

How do you get the most amount of money for a listing then? Follow these easy tips to learn.

1. Make Facebook Marketplace your priority

More views on your listing = higher demand = higher price.

According to digital information world, our social media daily usage is going up every year. Some of us are spending over 2 hours a day on the platform! This high amount of usage means the selling platform (Facebook Marketplace) is very robust and effective.

If we use the ‘more eyes = more money’ logic, it would be most ideal to have your items on eBay and Gumtree as well. If the item is good quality, you would benefit from having it listed everywhere, but if it’s a quick sale you want, Facebook is the way.

2. Clean/restore the item

Ensure the item isn’t dusty or broken. If it is broken, fix it. There is a market for broken goods (e.g. electronic appliances like phones) that buyers repair and re-sell, but you must say this in the description. 

Sanding down a piece of furniture and adding a coat of varnish can completely change what an item is worth.

3. Take better photos

Spending and extra 30 seconds on photos can seriously impact how much an item will sell for.

First, use a good camera. Your phone will do the trick if you use it correctly.

Second, set your camera resolution to square (1 x 1). If you’re on an android, go into your camera and press the gear cog settings icon. In there will be a setting that allows you to change it to square. If you’re on an iPhone, go into the camera and swipe left or right until you reach the square format.

Having your photos in square format will ensure no cropping happens when you upload.

Second, take photos during the day, next to a window with the curtains open. Just relying on room lights will significantly reduce the quality of your photos.

Finally, take multiple shots of the item at different angles. Make sure to get a photo with the whole item visible! 

4. Write a good description (there are some requirements!)

Writing an advertisement seems like an easy task. Once you begin the process of putting together clever sentences to display your item, things get tricky. If you struggle with writing, keep it simple and include all the details in bullet points.

  • Category of item (e.g. 3 person sofa)
  • Price
  • Model number (if important)
  • Manufacturer
  • Dimensions
  • Pet/smoke-free home
  • Do you offer delivery (for an extra fee)
  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Year Made

It’s okay to include your post-code or suburb but leave your address out. Only provide your address when a buyer is ready to pick up.

5. Learn how to price

People will barter your price down on Facebook. How do you combat this? Put the price up higher than what you want to sell at. There is a chance you might even sell at that full higher price! After all, if you have followed these steps, your item is more likely to stand out over similarly listed items.

What are the main things to remember?

Forget what to do already? Here’s a super simple re-cap:

  • Clean your item
  • Take good photos
  • Research prices
  • Decide on a price
  • Write a detailed description
  • Upload an ad to Facebook Marketplace

Learning how to sell second-hand furniture online is a fantastic skill to have. These skills can also be applied to selling anything on online. Good luck with your listings!

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