How Do I Move House with Kids?


So you’ve decided to take the big step and move house… From a familiar destination to a new home, job, friends, schooling for the kids, there would certainly be freshness and excitement on the horizon. However, moving with kids can be a challenging task for a family. For most parents, the difficult part of moving house is making the transition comfortable for their children.


The good news is that with a full-service furniture removal company like 1800 Removals, we’ll take care of all the logistics to help remove your moving-related stress. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the ins-and-outs of the moving process itself and this will allow you to focus more on your family, especially your kid/s, during the process!


Below, the team at 1800 Removals have outlined several tips on how to keep your kids happy, excited, and distracted during your big move. Additionally, there are a few ways you can help your children to adjust to their new home.


  • Tip: Let Your Kids Pack Their Own Carry-on Bags

Give your kids a bit of control in the moving process. Give them each one carry-on bag they can fill with their own activities for the travel. This allows them to feel more empowered during the change, and it helps to ensure they’ll focus on their activities throughout the trip.


  • Tip: Audiobooks & Movies Are Your Friends

Visual and audio entertainment are great ways to distract your kids during a move. Let your kids listen to a fun audio book or watch a movie to keep them entertained along the way.


  • Tip: Play Games Along the Way

Moving with children gives you a great opportunity to play lots of fun games throughout your trip. Try and get your kids interactive with the process itself. From playing a game of “I Spy” to spotting different car colours or models, you can play all sorts of travel-related games during your trip. And you’ll be amazed how much this helps to pass the time.


  • Tip: Take Fun Pit Stops

Remember that your moving process is more than just the end point – it’s about the journey too! Make your trip even better by enjoying the ride with fun pit stops. These will help make travel time more enjoyable for everyone along the way. And you’ll have more opportunities to create lifelong memories your whole family will treasure.


  • Tip: Discuss the reason for the move

Children are still grasping the concept of how the real world works. They may not comprehend how moving to a new home can benefit the family. Discuss with them in a positive manner as to why everyone needs to live in a different place. Arrange a time to talk with your children that is separate from any other event. This will help provide a mental cushion for them to take in the news. Be prepared to answer any of their questions.


  • Tip: Get your kids excited about the place

You will want to make the experience of relocating to a new home positive for your children. A good way to do this is to get them excited about the location they will be living in. Point out the best things your kids will enjoy, such as a public library, a park with a new playground set, a public pool or a comic book store. Point out anything that the new school has as opposed to their old school which they may like.


  • Tip: Allow your children to personalise their rooms

The biggest benefit for your children to move to a new home is a fresh start. Give your children the freedom to decorate their rooms the way they want. Let them pick the paint or wallpaper. Having them enjoy their new room will make it easy for them to adjust to their new life.


1800 Removals understands the emotional stresses of moving to a new address. Consider hiring us to take care of your house removals and ease your burden. Visit our website or call us on 1800 736 682 to get a free quote.


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