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5 Tips On:
How To Move An Office

Overview: How to move an office

When moving an office, focus on how the new area will progress your business. Don’t think about moving just because you have to. Plan the space, plan your move procedure and get all utilities sorted early. Use a removalist to get the job done quickly and without damage.

Moving office should feel great!

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Moving to a new office is often paired with thoughts of stress, labour and unfortunately, money loss. But is that due to the way we think about moving? What if all aspects of moving were centred around positivity?

To explain further how this approach can be implemented, here are 5 ways you can improve the outcome of your office move.

1. Change perspective

In many circumstances an office move will be due to reasons out of your control e.g. the landlord wants to sell, rent increases, your company is expanding or down-sizing etc. Even though you might have a choice when you move, centring an office shift around something out of your control is a waste of energy.

Moving is inevitably going to attract stress because you are progressing your business into the unknown. You need to combat this stress with something you are in control of. This is how we use perspective to improve the quality of a move. How is this done? Decide on a new predominant reason for the move and focus on that.

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Moving can be centred around:

  • Creating an updated office workflow – This could be done through desk re-positioning that favours team interactions. You could also try something new like hot-seating.
  • Doing a big clean out – Work spaces can get bogged down with papers, stationary, un-used furniture. Disposing of wasteful items can make a new area seem especially re-vitalising. You could even make some money off selling old office furniture. Check out our blog for selling second-hand furniture online.
  • Updating technology – A move provides the perfect opportunity to start fresh with updated technology for either your tools or your products. Location changes, especially in Australia can also mean better internet which opens a tremendous amount of options for any business. The world is going digital.

Once you have decided on a reason you are in control of for moving, you have already made the process considerably less stressful and more fulfilling.

2. What's the potential gain?

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Now that you are in control of the move situation, think of the future. 

How is your company going to engage with the new space over the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years or even more

Moving to the wrong place can put you in a worse situation than before and can ultimately lead to jeopardising your company. Do your research on where to move and do it thoroughly. Consider floor space, parking, location, structural integrity, budget, storage space, customer access and aesthetics.

3. How's your planning?

Plan more. Stress less.

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After you’ve secured the new workplace and the contracts have been signed, it’s time to consider what will be in the new office. This involves planning out the office space according to staff needs and assessing what will be moved/disposed/sold and what needs to be purchased. 

Make sure to plan your IT system and sort out utilities

It is also important to let your customers know you are moving

To avoid any negative interactions with customers trying to visit you in this time, ensure you have posted to your social media, email list and left an automated message on the phone line if possible, in advance of the move. Consider moving on a Friday or during the weekend to minimise inconvenience for your clients.

4. Seek moving partners

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Book a professional removals company to assist you with the move process. 

A considerable amount of jobs at professional removal companies come from people in emergency situations where a cheaper service has either not turned up or is unable to complete the service. It is a common occurrence for small companies and sole-traders to not move their truck unless it is completely full (contains multiple jobs). If that means you get delayed because it was inefficient for them, too bad. If you then decide to call a professional removal company at the last minute, unfortunately extra fees will be involved.

If you want to keep the moving price down, learn how to save money when using a removals company.

5. Nail the procedure

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Talk to your removalist about how you can pack in order to maximise efficiency. Seek advice on how to label, pack, wrap, name, tape, pad and box everything in order to keep it safe on the move. Doing this correctly can also drastically reduce the time it takes to get everything unpacked into your new office plan. There is also the option of having the removalsits do the packing for you.

If you’re just moving a home business, should you book a removalist? Read more into our blog article here.

Bonus Tip

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Moving from one place to the next on the same day can be potentially unrealistic

Maybe you are moving interstate which means you are juggling a home move too. You could be planning a holiday at the same time. Does the lease of your current office end before the next lease begins? This is where a removal company with storage options will make your life easier.

Let's summarise

So how do you do about moving office?

  • Focus on how the move will positively impact your business
  • Think about how the new area can be optimised for you workers and customers
  • Plan your move to have as little down-time as possible
  • Book a professional removalist to get everything done fast
  • Pack as efficiently as possible

Remember to stay positive and in control when moving. Your business can flourish from the change of scenery if you focus on the correct topics!

Need a removalist?

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