Make Moving in the Rain Smoother and Faster



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The alarm clock rings and you realise it is the day that you have been anticipating, removal time. You rush to the window only to see what you have been dreading… rain. It looks like observing the weather pattern with your fingers crossed for the days leading up to this date hadn’t worked.

We get it, no one wants to move their house on a rainy day.   But in life there are some things you just can’t control, especially Mother Nature. However, don’t let it spoil your removal experience! Follow these top tips below from the team at 1800 Removals to ensure that your move in the wet weather will be a less stressful process.


Plastic wrap your furniture

Water can severely damage your furniture. Moisture can cause cracks and swells wooden objects. Rain droplets can also cause spot stains which are hard to remove. A good way to protect your furniture is by covering them in plastic shrink wrap or an unused cloth. This will help lessen the risk of water damaging your cabinets, desks and other wooden belongings when your house removalists transport them.


Protect the floors

Heavy rain and a lot of foot traffic can cause serious damage to most type of floors. Use an old cloth or a tarp to cover the floor in both houses. Unused carpets are also ideal to capture mud and moisture. Avoid using plastic shrink wrap, which can be slippery when wet which can cause accidents for both your family and the removalists. Try and make sure the removalist has as short a distance as possible to carry, for obvious reasons. Make sure you hose off any mud from the concrete. Don’t try and speed, the fastest runner doesn’t always win the race!


Place Items Undercover

Try and make sure your outdoor furniture is dry under cover, as you don’t want to waste time drying stuff while the removalist is waiting around. Whatever you do don’t leave cardboard boxes where they can get wet because we all know what happens when the bottom drops out – mess and stress!


Another thing to remember is, your truck might be held up due to weather conditions or unable to get through because of flood waters, so make sure you keep in contact with your driver and the friendly staff in the office will be able to assist you in this process. We don’t carry paddles in the removalist trucks!

1800 Removals has you covered during the wet weather months. Visit our website or call 1800 736 682 for more details about our services, packing materials or to receive a free quote.